Myloc AB together with Brunkeberg Systems AB have developed a new concept to improve construction of high rise projects – Accelerated Tall Building Construction.

Logistic and supply chain management in the construction industry is becoming more and more difficult. Less storage areas on site, complicated site access, and shortage of access equipment are just some examples of the problems the industry are facing in a more urbanizing world. Introducing vertical logistics to the equation result in an increasing number of bottlenecks in the logistic chain adding to the risks of delay and increased costs.

Therefore Myloc and Brunkeberg have developed a new concept to increase supply chain efficiceny in construction projects with more then ten floors, Accelerated Tall Building Construction (ATBC).

Accelerated Tall Building Construction eliminates bottlenecks in vertical logistics

ATBC eliminates bottlenecks in vertical logistics on site making it possible to focus on the production process.

The Brunkeberg System is a patented system to increase efficiency in vertical logistics and a revolutionary new method to increase speed and safety of unitized facade installation.

Myloc® Construction is a cloud based service that helps the project management in a easy and effective way keep track and coordinate deliveries to the site. Combined with Brunkebergs solutions for facade installation and vertical logistics it creates new possibilites and a unique solution for tall building construction.

– Its inspiring to be a part of moving the boundaries even more when it comes to effective construction logistics. The number of planned tall building projects in the Nordic region is increasing rapidly and we want to offer our users and new clients the possibility to use the new solutions and innovative technology by combining Myloc® and Brunkeberg, says Anders Eklund, Business Director, Myloc®

The cooperation is also welcomed by Henrik Ljungdahl, Business Development Manager at Brunkeberg Systems AB.

– The cooperation with Myloc strengthens our offer to clients and projects with the need to increase efficiency. Together we can offer a unique and innovative solution for todays urbanizing society.

För mer information, vänligen kontakta:

Anders Eklund, Business Director, Myloc AB
+46 70-325 63 86

Henrik Ljungdahl, Business Development Manager, Brunkeberg Systems AB
+46 70-245 68 91