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Digitize your city logistics

City logistics can mean many things

For us, city logistics is about coordinating deliveries, creating transparency and simplifying the work for all involved actors.

Historically, it has been a great challenge to coordinate and coordinate deliveries within the city, and it has often been difficult to find profitability outside a specific project.

With Myloc City Logistics, you can easily and comprehensively gain control of all deliveries to your recipients. We deliver a cloud service and a digital logistics platform for municipalities and companies that want to work efficiently with their city logistics, regardless of whether the business has it under its own auspices, or has outsourced the task to a logistics player.






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Municipalities make large purchases of goods every year.

All orders must then be transported and delivered to various schools, nursing homes and other units within the municipality.

Coordinated Goods Distribution means that all goods that are to be delivered within an area are first transported to a distribution center. Deliveries to the various units are then sorted and delivered in vehicles on predetermined driving loops.

This means that more goods can be delivered with fewer vehicles and greater safety to the various businesses. The purpose is to streamline deliveries within an area and at the same time create several positive effects for the municipalities and companies.

Through Myloc City Logistics, your business gets reduced administration because all events are registered automatically. At the same time, your distributor gets a much simpler logistics flow because all packages are marked with correct information.

Your ordering units automatically receive delivery notification and can then plan their day even more efficiently. In addition, they can directly see via the notification what is on the way and any deviations from the order.

Recipients receive fewer deliveries, and can focus on what they do best.

myloc logistics dator screen

Myloc logistics

The Logistics Platform that makes it easier to take control over you supply chain. 

Myloc Logistics GO

The receiver and last mile app that makes it easier for you as a receiver!
Gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot deliveries instead of solving problems on the run.

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