Does your assistive technology organization clear MDR?

Do you and your manufacturers keep track of which of your products are medical devices, including attachments and spare parts? Can your current system support identify and manage all the information required by the new law?

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is based on international guidelines regarding product identification and aims to increase safety and especially traceability when handling assistive products. A significant difference from previous legislation is that attachments and fittings are also defined as medical devices according to MDR. This means that more products now have increased requirements on their level of traceability than before.

MDR states, The care provider must ensure through the routines that medical devices that have been prescribed, given out or supplied to patients can be traced“. Given that, those who work with prescriptions of assistive devices need tools that help gain control.


Myloc Logistics – Healthcare

We have developed our solution for aid logistics in close cooperation with assistive technology centres to handle the high criteria set for systems used in healthcare operations. With Myloc Logistics, you get a modern customized system solution that is easy to use for administrators and prescribers, designed in accordance with MDR, and supports your assistive technology organisation in meeting all legal requirements and regulations regarding traceability and safety.

The prescriber portal

Myloc Logistics has a dedicated interface for prescribers – our prescriber portal. Here you can, just as easily as e-shopping, order aids and adjustments based on product or function. The prescribers can specify down to the component level what needs to be assembled or dismantled. In the prescriber portal, you can see all available aids and attachments and buy more if something is missing. Get an overview of your base stocks and carry out flexible and smart inventory across different business units.

Distribution solution

Myloc Logistics’ distribution solution handles the entire flow from ordering aids to delivery to users and prescribing with functions to handle all steps in between such as picking, storage, adaptations, inspection and reconditioning. Get an overview of your entire workflow in Myloc’s system with traceability down to the user level of exactly which resource did what and when.

Approvals and integrations

In Myloc Logistics prescribers can provide electronic approval after dispensing. We can integrate your suppliers directly into the system for smooth order processes. Improve your workflow and reduce administration needs through easily accessible, configurable, and automated operations.

Myloc AB

Myloc develops web-based cloud services for logistics. We always work actively with our customers and have an ongoing dialogue about finding points of improvement. Updates and additions of new features are carried out continuously via minor and major releases. Our base is in Malmö and all Myloc’s development takes place in Sweden with storage on Swedish servers, which means that we can offer products with high security and quality.

We believe in sustainable logistics and a more circular future made possible by smart digitized communication routes. Myloc wants to help our customers and partners find optimization opportunities in their logistics flows – to reduce wastage and waiting times through increased control and efficiency.

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