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About Myloc

The worlds economy is global.
Everything is manufactured where it is cheapest and in large series. However, supply chains have become longer and more complex.
Logistics has therefore become an increasing challenge for many players.
Myloc develops concepts and digital cloud-based solutions that provide our customers with a more efficient Supply Chain and logistics flow.
We focus on simplifying and automating cross-border business-critical processes through digitization.
In this way, we combine extensive business expertise with expertise in the development of business applications and cloud services in Supply Chain and logistics.

We call it activity-based logistics.

Business concept

With a focus on implementation and results, we deliver cross-border IT solutions and services that simplify and streamline business processes, increases the ability to change, ensures user acceptance and creates competitive advantages.


Our vision is based on a simple but powerful idea: Enabling companies to collaborate in logistics networks.
Both to develop their business and streamline their own business but also to create completely new business and more efficient ways to cooperate.
Those who work in the logistics flow should be able to easily overview and work with all the necessary information in one place.
In this way, we create the conditions for a completely new level of performance and flexibility in logistics.

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Lars Eiring

Founder, CEO and Business area Director Myloc Logistics

Anders Eklund Myloc

Anders Eklund

Director of Myloc Construction

Anders Lindell Myloc CFO

Anders Lindell


Nils Lundberg

Founder and Product Director Myloc Logistics

Magnus Rydberg Myloc Construction

Magnus Rydberg

Product Director Myloc Construction

Anders Bolin Myloc

Anders Bolin

Founder and Board member

Alexander Eiring

Product Specialist and Project Manager Myloc Logistics

Axel Meltzer Myloc

Axel MEltzer

Product Specialist Myloc Logistics

Marcus Oknelid Myloc Construction

Marcus Oknelid

Product Specialist Myloc Construction

Dennis Sosnowski

Product Specialist Myloc Construction

Gistav Ax Myloc Construction

Gustav Ax

Product Specialist Myloc Construction

Ingrid Sandlund Myloc

Ingrid Sandlund

Marketing Coordinator
+46 703 12 34 10

Patric Pramdal

Patric Pramdal


Lars Nordström Myloc

Lars Nordström

Accounting and Adminstration

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