Myloc Construction

streamline the construction industry

Create benefits with smart construction logistics

Silo solutions for individual contractors and suppliers are no longer enough.
Efficient construction logistics requires a holistic perspective.

Through Myloc Construction, we enable easy collaboration between all suppliers of the construction project.
From planning and call-offs to packing, marking and delivery to the installation site.

With the right method and aids, smart construction logistics results in less administration and no more.
The cloud service makes it easy to share information in real time, which contributes to increased traceability and control.



Simplify planning of logistics, cooperation and collaboration between different contractors, their suppliers and possible logistics services.


Set the framework for logistics in the beginning of the planning phase. Give projects and contractors the right conditions for climate-smart and efficient construction logistics.

Material supplier

Help your customers streamline their construction projects through smart logistics. Give them the right conditions to simplify cooperation, coordination and control on their construction sites. Implement this manually, or integrated with your business system.

Logistics partner

More and more projects are seeing the possibility of external short-term storage and group loading. With the module logistics partner, you get a simple solution that provides maximum benefit to the construction project and automates your administration.

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Dennis Sosnowski Myloc Construction planning planera bygglogistik bggplanering

We help customers define work processes and procure contractors on the right premises before the construction project starts.

We tailor the construction logistics based on each project and create conditions for efficient construction production.

Myloc Construction is the tool for realizing that all actors are involved in the construction project working according to the same processes.

This without excessive administration.

We have established partnerships with a number of companies that either are responsible for the implementation of Myloc Construction itself,
or work in close collaboration with us to deliver solutions for more efficient construction production at various stages.

Myloc Construction

The IT solution that provides control over your construction projects
Myloc Construction is a cloud service with no installation requirements. The service is 100% digital and always available via the Internet. Depending on your role in the project, the system creates a unique interface for you with all the necessary functions within your competence.

Myloc Construction Schedule kalender schema bygglogistik
Myloc Construction GO mobil

Myloc Construction GO

Some features need to be easily accessible in the field. Myloc Construction can be easily used in the mobile for you on the go. Since the app is fully integrated with the cloud service, all necessary functions are just a few inches away.

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Forenkle planlegging av logistikk, samarbeid og samarbeid mellom forskjellige entreprenører, deres leverandører og mulige logistiktjenester.

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Allerede i planleggingsfasen setter du rammene for logistikk.
Gi prosjekter og entreprenører de rette betingelsene for klimasmart og effektiv byggelogistikk.

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Byggherre slik kommer du i gang
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Hjelp kundene dine med å effektivisere byggeproduksjonen gjennom smart logistikk. Gi dem de rette forutsetningene for å forenkle samarbeid, koordinering og kontroll i byggeproduksjonen. Implementer dette manuelt, eller integrert med ditt forretningssystem.

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Flere og flere prosjekter ser muligheten for ekstern kortsiktig lagring og gruppelasting. Med modullogistikkpartneren får du en enkel løsning som gir maksimal nytte for byggeprosjektet og automatiserer administrasjonen din.

Logistikkpartner slik lykkes du Myloc Construction
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