Eight years ago, in 2016, Kungsbacka Municipality started a pioneering project around introducing Coordinated Goods Distribution to the municipality’s various operations. They had seen a need to streamline their product deliveries and goods receipts. At the same time, opportunities were found here to increase safety and control, reduce environmentally hazardous emissions and reduce the impact and risks that come with heavy traffic. PostNord was hired to handle transhipment processes and deliveries with Myloc as the system supplier and support in the logistical coordination.

“From the municipality’s side, this project was valuable in several respects. It will be safer and more environmentally friendly with well-planned transport. We have reduced the traffic that moves around our operations, which provides benefits both for our residents and our staff through an improved working environment. You know who is coming and those who drive have better control. Through Myloc’s logistics system, we have been able to adapt and control the work, and those of us in administration get visibility and always have access to important information.”

Says Joakim Carlsson, Logistics Coordinator at Kungsbacka Municipality, a tone-setting and driving player in the project since its inception.

Please check out this video from Kungsbacka Municipality to see more of the concept. Terminal handling was set up and special gas trucks with load capacity for food, including frozen goods, and other parcels were bought in to service the municipality’s around 800 delivery addresses, which are also spread over densely populated and sparsely populated areas – From urban environments to the islands out in the archipelago. Schools, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities were planned on routes according to their specific needs. As the entire process has been managed using Myloc’s digital logistics tool, the municipality gained overview and control over its deliveries, and the personnel responsible for distribution were supported in planning their work and by having vital information easily accessible. A central requirement from the municipality’s side was the ability to work according to SFTI (Single Face To Industry). In reality, however, the system needed to handle a wide variety of file types because not all providers had reached the same digital maturity.

Myloc developed the entire system to manage receiving, transhipment, delivery planning, scheduling and reporting of the distribution. For the past two years, the distribution staff have also used our app Myloc Go to work even more smoothly and always have access to necessary information via mobile when they are out on assignment. More ordinary piece goods systems and the municipality’s previous tools could not cope with the breadth of goods types and the transhipment process that was required for the concept to have full impact and become cost-effective. In Myloc’s solution, Kungsbacka Municipality and PostNord gained full measurability and freedom in the configuration, and the municipality itself has been able to administer roles and responsibilities in the system. Myloc Logistics handles all types of goods with the option to enter critical values such as weight and different pricing. The system provides complete invoicing documentation with automated functions for reporting from suppliers.

The most crucial piece of the puzzle in reaching the gains in efficiency was getting the suppliers involved in the work. It fell into place through our close cooperation with the transporters and the municipality. Contact us to learn more about Coordinated Product Distribution and how you can increase circularity and achieve your environmental goals. Myloc helps you start up sustainable logistics processes adapted to your needs.