Sweden’s longest motorway tunnel is taking shape

Myloc is a central partner for Bravida during the work with E4 Förbifart Stockholm. In the Swedish Transport Administration’s giant project, Bravida is responsible for installing electricity supply, lighting, plumbing, VA and fixed extinguishing systems. Myloc Construction supplies the system support to hold the logistics together.

Intensive work is underway for Bravida at the Akalla interchange. Myloc is a very important partner in that Myloc Construction handles the logistics solution for both larger and smaller transports as well as other logistics needs that may arise. An important basis is the integration between Myloc and Bravida’s purchasing system Profit. The purchase order is automatically transferred to Myloc, which means that the material can be followed through the entire chain from supplier to ready delivery to the tunnel.

“Myloc’s solution not only helps to optimize heavy transports. It also makes it easy to order trucks, lifts and containers whenever they’re needed. Our solution means having control and traceability of the material all the way from the supplier via the terminal in Skärholmen to final delivery in the tunnel.” according to Magnus Rydberg, product manager for Myloc Construction.

All materials arrive at the external logistics partner MKR Logistik’s terminal and are reloaded for further workplace transport. This helps to optimize transport so that everything arrives at the right time and does not take up space longer than necessary. Another advantage is that MKR Logistik has permanently employed drivers who know the construction project and can find their way around the tunnel. MKR also plans and reports its work in Myloc, all in accordance with the orders placed by Bravida.




Helena Jacobsen is Bravidas project administrator at the site:

“Myloc’s solution simplifies our work in both large and small ways because the entire logistics solution is in Myloc. An important reson behind the success is that we involved and trained our own employees right from the start, as well as the external logistics company MKR Logistik that we use and other suppliers.”

Both Helena and Magnus highlight the close collaboration between Bravida and Myloc as a significant factor in the project progressing so well.

“We are responsive and always try to find solutions to things that come up. I also believe that personal contact is of decisive importance,” says Magnus and,

“Sometimes we are spoken to several times a day and together solve problems and challenges that may arise along the way,” concludes Helena.




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