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Morrow Batteries is making a major investment in expanding its activities in green mobility and energy storage business in Arendal in southern Norway. Metier and Myloc have been entrusted with developing the logistics for the fittings and production equipment to the battery factory.  

As some production equipment items are very complex and size-able, Morrow has together with Myloc and Metier performed an extensive flow and sensitivity analysis to secure efficient routines for the logistics during the construction and production equipment installation processes.

The cloud service Myloc Construction will be used as a tool to digitize and simplify logistics on the project. By utilizing the tool, Morrow reaches both good control and achieves simplified working methods for all suppliers and contractors involved in the project.

The assignment includes integration with international supply solutions and all material movements on the project. The solution also includes the coordination and management of logistics resources on site.

Green tech is an important and growing industry for Metier. More and more people are paying attention to the importance of logistics for disruption-free and efficient construction processes.Therefore Metier is also advancing its position in this area.

  • Terje Sandtrø, Metier

Green energy is an important investment for the future, and will only grow as a development area in the future. We are proud to be able to be part of a more environmentally friendly transition, both in construction projects and in the future industry. 

  • Anders Eklund, Myloc

We are very pleased with the overall value Metier and Myloc add to this project. Metier has contributed valuable experience and understanding of construction site logistics, as a basis for developing the right digital processes in Myloc. This digitization reduces the amount of administration as the processes are carried out decentralized, and gives us good traceability and statistics for planning future projects.

  • André Stiansen, Morrow Batteries


Myloc has a proprietary software platform that addresses logistics challenges with thousands of users in various operations in Sweden and Norway, implemented directly or through partners. The core of the platform includes solutions for sharing information in supply chains and being able to reflect the real flow of a process. We thereby help our customers in the private and public sector to fulfill the UN’s goals 9, 11 and 12 of Agenda 2030, by i) creating sustainable industrial processes with the help of technology, ii) providing solutions that reduce the impact of cities on the climate and iii) create conditions for sustainable consumption and production through sustainable production patterns.