Join us in our webinar series specialized to help you Turn Project Risks to Catalysts for Success with a Digitized management Platform in your mega project. 

Industrializing project logistics management

Management and coordination of logistics and resources in industrial projects are increasingly fundamental for tight time and cost plans.

Myloc, a Nordic logistics specialist, have developed a new generation scalable digitalized control tower platform, enabling project logistics- and resource management ambitions on a new level without additional resources.


If time and money is unlimited, it’s not for you

We welcome the rest to three short webinars introducing Myloc Construction.

Myloc will share insights from projects with challenging complexity and show how Myloc Construction empowers your project control tower team with new capabilities.

Meet the team, responsible for the development of Myloc Construction and the implementation in more than 50 Mega projects, sharing experience and insights on three different themes.


Webinar 1 : Manage Risks, Secure Flow and Improve Flexibility
Sept. 5 – 16:00-16:30

  • Manage the full supply chain
  • Manage access and resource bottlenecks
  • Proactive – early warnings
  • Improve flexibility and change management

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Webinar 2 : Data; Control and Transparency
Sept. 12 – 16:00-16:30

  • Tangible benefits of transparency
  • Control – on all levels
  • Automized information sharing
  • Minimize administration

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Webinar 3 : Successful Implementation
Sept. 19 – 16:00-16:30

  • Don’t start late – implement in the design phase
  • How you design your logistics set up
  • Contract alignment
  • Operational implementation

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Do you want more information about the new digital tool for your project control tower?
Read more on Myloc Construction.

If you want more information regarding the webinars or Myloc’s different solutions, please contact: 
Ingrid Sandlund
Marketing Coordination