A new shipment calendar is now available for contractors and subcontractors in Myloc Construction. The new calendar has a modern and interactive interface and provides a better overview of the different activities in the construction projects.
The release of Myloc Construction 3.0 includes both a new shipment calendar and a new slide show and has been developed in cooperation with our current customers and users. The new version has been available for a week and we are very happy that our customers already have contacted us with such a positive response.
We will now start working with upcoming updates in Myloc Construction and we hope our customers continue to engage and provide us with feedback and suggestions for how the system further can be improved.

More about the new shipment calendar and slideshow below.

New shipment calendar

Myloc Construction 3.0 includes an interactive shipment calendar for contractors and subcontractors. Some features that are included in the new release;
1. Week agenda – new feature that shows all activities of a week in agenda (list) form.
2. Interactive shipment calendar – With just a click on the agenda, one can now get access to all features and editing tools.
3. Notification – Improved clarity of notifications to affected users
4. Drag and drop – full drag and drop-feature in the month view, meaning one can easily move one activity from one week to another.

New slideshow

Myloc Construction 3.0 also includes a new flexible slideshow. Each image has a unique identity and can be controlled individually, for example for how long it should be shown. Image type is also set for each image; file, image or calendar.
For more information, contact us at info@myloc.se or visit Myloc Construction website here.