Fredrik Friblick is a columnist at Byggindustrin and a driving force in the community development in Sweden. Fredrik has been very important for the development of Myloc, as he confirmed that our construction supply chain management solutions for real can contribute to efficiency in the construction industry.

Fredrik Friblick has been active in the construction industry for more than twenty years. After his PhD. in construction supply chain management he moved to the US for a year and when he moved back to Sweden he decided to start the consulting company Prolog and help companies become more efficient in their development projects.

– At Prolog we work with city developers, construction companies, suppliers and many other companies who are part of the construction supply chain. For us, it is very important that we can show them clear results of our work and we have noticed that the level of efficiency in supply chain and logistics processes clearly affect the outcome, says Fredrik Friblick.

A more efficient construction industry

The construction industry has for a long time been under-developed compared to other industries. According to Fredrik one of the reasons is that the construction industry has not had enough competence within supply chain and logistics.

During the past years, Fredrik has noticed an attitude change within the construction industry. Projects are more often required to have an action plan for the supply chain and logistics and more companies realize that improved efficiency is equal to cost savings.

Fredrik Friblick looks forward to follow the development of the construction industry and wants to share some advices for how to increase efficiency in construction projects.

1. Create a strategy for cost control

2. Improve the supply chain and logistics competence within the company.

3. Set higher demands on suppliers, not only regarding price but also development and improvement during throughout the construction project.