Inside another store with virtual prices and virtual balance
Businesses that caters to both consumer and business customers with its products may find retail complex. In many industries, the store’s configuration has become more consistent, but with different prices and different payment terms. A paint producing company came to us with this problem. The ERP and checkout system was configured to handle consumers and nothing else. New stores for retail clients was too expensive to implement, but it remained a vital business if it was possible to include this in the existing stores.

Virtual, virtual, virtual
An additional challenge was that the dealers were independent franchises and profit centers themselves. We could use existing sales, order and storage systems and deliver a solution that minimized the software investments. The response was to virtualize the professional shop, receiving orders and stock control. The professional customer buys from the supplier on the agreed terms. Payments are handled directly between the supplier and the customer and the store receives a fee for administration and stock control.