Premiere – Myloc® Logistics Partner Network.
On January 12, we gathered representatives from different companies to present and discuss the possibilities of Myloc® Logistics partner network. The reason for initiating the partner network is that we see great potential to take the supply chain and logistics industry forward if we start cooperating more with each other.
At this gathering, we discussed the benefits of working more closely together to create even better solutions for our customers to grow with. We also presented how our cloud-based service Myloc® Logistics can be a valuable tool for improving efficiency in different areas such as Returns Management and Facility Management. With our partner network, we now hope that we can broaden our offering and enable more companies in different business areas to benefit from our efficient solutions.
We want to thank all participants for their energy and engagement during the gathering session. We look forward to continue the discussions and take the supply chain industry forward together.

More Information

If you want information and/or want to become a member of Myloc Logistics Partner Network, please contact Lars Eiring at