Olivetree was contacted by a large company, which consists of several units (eg machine manufacturing, developing parts and services) with the challenge to industrialize the operational processes in an area dominated by manual and semi-manual workflows.

A centralized Business Support Organization that supports 3,000 people in a number of business units offering services such as warehousing, internal and external distribution and supply. The organization is spread out geographically and operationally. All services performed administered manually and is supported by two non-integrated systems – one to address the issues and one for the goods.

The previous system resulted in, among other things:

– Intensive, high workload
– Insufficient level of service
– Quality deficiencies due to manual handling of information
– Long lead times
– Practically impossible to monitor and measure the performance of services
– Limitations in the development of the business and systems

Delivered functionality:

– Warehouse Management and Control
– Watch cases and packages
– All packages have got a cargo owner
– Search for a package (with content or ID)
– Unique label
– Goods reception and distribution
– Picking and packing
– Delivery
– Order confirmations

Since many of the activities were linked, the manual and non-integrated activities had limited or no ability to monitor or to perform processes in an efficient manner.

In close cooperation with the customer, Olivetree applied myworkcenters implementation model and together developed the business support that was needed. The work was carried out step-by-step in which the key representatives were involved in every step.

Processes were defined to handle all of the Business Support Organization missions, integrated with logistics and the ability to invoice the completed questions based on the utilized resources.

Everything is handled in a web interface along with handheld devices and vehicle mounted computers. More than 20 different business processes are supported and can be extended. Today, more than 50 user systems, including forklifts and truck drivers. All 3,000 people served by the organization has the ability to place and monitor orders and use the various functions of the system via the web interface.

Since the new system and procedures was conducted the company experienced a clear change. Data within processes are now related, missions are billed correctly, work is consistent and the work takes place in a system with full insight. The improved efficiency has been established and also a platform for ongoing improvements.