A customer in the pharmaceutical industry was confronted with the problem of disposal. As a US company, they acted according to the rules from the FDA and GXP. The operation included a fast-changing product portfolio with frequent adjustments of the packaging materials. These bundled conditions created a challenge to meet these different requirements and to do it effectively.

Manage the challenge
The whole process includes registration and documentation in a number of business systems, which are used in different parts of the organization, combined with manual work and the use of Excel documents. There was not only room for considerable efficiency but also to minimize or eliminate quality defects from the complexity of the process.


Bridge-building process
Based on FDA’s requirements and the company process frame we managed to develop a process that is highly automated and easy to learn. At the same time it is compatible with the necessary principles. We created a portal where every scrapping case received automatically and individually support simultaneously with the ability to visualize and monitor the work. An entirely smooth process without additional logins, as well as an interface streamlined for each user.