Construction logistics enables more efficient and sustainable construction through good material planning and collective transportation. Now Elektroskandia and Myloc will make it even easier for the contractor to place a purchase order with Elektroskandia at the touch of a button. This means that you can now, via EDI, reflect the order in Myloc’s cloud-based construction logistics system.

Through the integration with Elektroskandia’s ERP system, Elektroskandia and Myloc facilitate registration and administration of orders, ultimately simplifying the entire construction process.

As a result, when the contractor places an order with Elektroskandia, the order is automatically reflected in Myloc’s cloud-based logistics system and the delivery can then be viewed directly in Myloc’s calendar and planning function.

In connection with notification and delivery of the order, the information is transferred from Elektroskandia’s system to Myloc. This includes delivery time, information on the number of packages, content and volume information for each package. The result is that the project knows exactly what is expected to come from Elektroskandia. This simplifies both the receipt of goods and the planning of possible delivery of materials. Each package has a unique barcode from Elektroskandia that can be used in Myloc for reporting received material and also when reporting bearing to the final assembly site. Simple and effective!


High quality and many other benefits

– With Elektroskandia and Myloc’s logistics solution, we simplify the work in construction projects by managing materials and resources. This also provides an opportunity for the projects to benefit from digital order placement, says Magnus Rydberg, product manager at Myloc Construction. Through the integration, we get a very high quality and accuracy of the system data. The result is complete traceability throughout the material flow; From the time the contractor places the order with Elektroskandia, to the material being delivered and carried on the construction project. We can see when and by who handled the material throughout the supply chain. Full traceability!

– Construction logistics is the key to more efficient and climate-smart construction. In conclusion through this integration, we make it easier for craftsmen to make construction logistics work in practice. We are taking a step closer to sustainable construction for staff, society and the climate, says  Tove Hedengren from Elektroskandia.

The potential of construction logistics is great both in terms of efficiency, safety and environment. By making material purchases an integral part of construction logistics, you get the opportunity to influence and reduce the number of deliveries to the construction site.

Myloc Construction is a cloud-based software platform that helps construction projects manage materials and logistics resources from the supplier to the final assembly site in the construction.


For more information, please contact: 

Tove Hedengren, Elektroskandia Sverige AB
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Magnus Rydberg, Product manager Myloc Construction
Myloc AB