What does Breeam mean?

In the ever-growing construction industry, sustainability is no longer a wish but a necessity. A prominent tool for achieving this is BREEAM, which stands for “Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method”. Originally developed in the UK in the 1990s by BRE (Building Research Establishment), BREEAM has become a world-leading standard for environmental certification in the construction sector.

BRE, an institution that was originally state-owned, has now been privatized and is owned by a foundation involving actors from the construction industry. Their flagship, BREEAM, has become a major force in environmental certification and has certified over 500,000 buildings to date, with a further over 2 million buildings registered for certification. This is today the most widespread environmental certification system in Europe, while other countries in the world have their own similar systems such as LEED in America, Green Star in Australia and CASBEE in Japan. In addition, hundreds of national systems have been developed by various companies and researchers around the world.


Breeam in Sweden

In Sweden, the Sweden Green Building Council, a member organization that promotes sustainable community building, has adapted BREEAM to Swedish conditions and introduced the Swedish version, BREEAM-SE, which has been used in the Swedish market since 2013. Other countries such as the Netherlands, Norway and Spain have also adapted BREEAM to their respective markets.

BREEAM-SE assesses the environmental performance of buildings in various areas and its impact on the local environment, including:

  • Project management
  • Energy use
  • Indoor climate (ventilation and lighting)
  • Water use
  • Waste disposal

The grading scale ranges from “Pass” to “Outstanding,” and requirements vary by project type and size.

What makes BREEAM even more powerful is its ability to rate buildings’ connection to public transport, use of building materials and their potential impact on the environment. Buildings that adopt innovative technical solutions are rewarded with extra points.

Myloc Construction & Breeam

Now, when we talk about BREEAM in the context of construction logistics, doors are opened to a simpler and more integrated path towards environmental certification of the transport part of the construction project. Myloc Construction offers a complete system to set up, track and report the transport targets in accordance with BREEAM requirements and support. It also includes the ability to handle financing issues and potential interest rate discounts, such as green loans.

At a time when environmental standards and sustainability requirements are highly prioritized in the construction industry, Myloc Construction can give you the ability to generate environmental reports automatically. All the information you need to meet BREEAM requirements is organized and available in the system. This means that if you start right from the beginning, you can create an environmental report for CO2 emissions of transport for the construction project in just a few clicks.

For a sustainable & environmentally friendly construction industry

Myloc Construction and BREEAM work in harmony to help the construction industry meet the growing demands for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Together, they provide the tools and support needed to create buildings that not only meet the highest standards, but also reduce our impact on the environment.