Together with our customers and users, we now introduce a new chapter in Myloc® Construction. Today, we launch version 5.0.
In addition to positive changes and improvements in the portal, we now also launch our new app Myloc Construction Go for all users! With Myloc Construction GO we move boundaries for digitizing the construction site.
Since the beginning of 2018, a beta version of our app Myloc Construction GO has been available for a small group of users. During April, we have continuously invited more users and today they are around 100. From today the app is available for ALL Myloc Construction users

New features in Myloc Construction

We asked Linda Carell, systems manager at Myloc Construction, about the new features

The app Myloc Construction GO is an important part in the release but as usual we have a mix of smaller and bigger news. One of these is that we have facilitated for the contractor to administer suppliers in Myloc® Construction. Deviation feature is another important part.  

By combining the app with features in the portal users can now easily and efficiently report logistics, material supply and other areas in the construction process. In this release we also have facilitated the permissions structure.

Many advantages in Myloc Construction GO

Magnus Rydberg, product manager at Myloc Construction, tells us more about the advantages with the new app Myloc Construction GO.

With Myloc Construction GO, we can simplify the work for all our users. For example, we can now integrate many smartphone built-in-tools such as GPS and camera with the app. That really makes the work more efficient.

You can download Myloc Construction GO in Goolgle Play Store and App Store. All users can access all their projects, deliveries etc. Login with your usual user-id and password.