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production system for intelligent logistics


Agility Get controll over your logistics flows Digitization of the logistics flow Replace excel with a collaborative system  Exception management Complements your business-critical systems Start with interaction. End with integration 

A cloud service for collaboration

Myloc Logistics is a service for you who would like a logistics system that reflects your business. 

Through activity-based logistics, we help you keep track of your information, flows and costs. 

We adapt to your logistics chain to ensure control over your logistics flows as simply and user-friendly as possible. 

Myloc Logistics is built to interact, integrate, and be cohesive for the activities that are to take place. 

Put simple it ensures transparency for all roles and organizations involved in your logistics.

Myloc Logistics can be run directly without complicated IT architectural musings. 

Computer, mobile, toad. Anything you can open a browser in works. 

You can work the way you always wanted. Steer the way you always wanted to steer. 

Everyone knows what to do and can see and be notified of any deviations from the plan. 

The logistics are planned and then performed from each role’s activity list.

You control all data and events that take place outside your own walls.

No conversions or translations.

Uncomplicated integrations when and if you think it’s convenient.

Instead of constantly following up on what happened and maybe went wrong, the system increases the commitment because no one can blame anyone else and all events are logged and given their own timestamp.

myloc logistics dator screen

Myloc Logistics

The IT solution that makes it easier to take controll over your logitics chain. 

Myloc GO

The receiver app that makes it easier for you as a receiver!

Gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot deliveries instead of solving problems on the run.

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After a quick and risk-free start-up, you can regain control of your entire logistics chain. Not just what happens inside your own business system.

So you get a step-by-step solution that grows with your business and your customers’ wishes, without locking you into a system.

Avoid deep dives into excel and problems with updates / corrections. Everyone knows what to do, who to do it, and with what.

Statistics, measurability and overview of articles, shipments, warehouses and logistics items.

– Return logistics

– “Ad hoc” logistics orders

– Work order

– Loading / Unloading

– Balance handling 

– Status


Opportunity to plan and overlook your logistics

– Traceability What happened when, and who performed a task

– What articles are in a delivery?

– Billing documentation

– Proforma

– Goods marking according to GS1 standard

– Delivery planning / Shipments

– Cross docking

– “Last mile”

– Package handling / LOB Deviation management

– Automatic notification via e-mail about:

     1) Task that needs to be performed

     2) Deviations that need to be rectified etc.

– Documentation (photo etc. that is linked to an event at the time of the event)


Value added services

– Your customers can follow the flow and see ETA and are able to correct if necessary. Single point of information. One truth about status.

– Logistics planning outside your own four walls

– Event and activity management

Cloud service

Configurable logistics processes

Independent logistics network
Independent of business systems

Logistics orders as bearers of parcel id. Without article number

Activities linked to roles across company boundaries

Shared logistics information

A logistics system for commitment (not transactions)

Orchestrability (You control so that everyone keeps pace)

Easy but not simple

Subscription cost that follows the customer’s deal.

Focuses on what to do next (The Plan)

OUr costumers

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