Myloc Healthcare Logistics

Assistive technology logistics in focus

Improve logistics in healthcare

Simplify usage for infrequent users, and reduce error orders through a user-friendly interface. Through interconnected deliveries in a continuously updated system, you take control of both your users’ holdings, and aids and equipment throughout the region.

Enable reconditioning and reuse within your business area.

We make it easy for you to follow the medical technology directive, and have full control over all flows and events.







We move away from paper and pencil, and make it easier for the prescriber to place an order while sitting with their patient. Allows the prescriber to use a phone, computer, or tablet.

The Medical Technology Directive sets requirements for traceability that can be difficult to comply with.

We simplify control over your aids throughout the business.

We handle all your different warehouses in the region and the municipality in one solution. Coordinate deliveries and get your distribution network in order. We help you have an effective replenishment strategy.

Facilitate the ability to reuse aids for your users by reconditioning the aids.

Myloc logistics förskrvarportal kommuner förskrivare hjälpmedel logistik
Laptop förskrivarportalen

The prescriber portal

The portal for easier prescription. The portal is Portalen för förenklad förskrivning.

The portal is adapted so that even infrequent users can easily do the right thing.

Myloc Logistics Go

Appen som gör det lättare för dig som servicetekniker och transportör, och som ger dig en större kontroll över dina uppdrag när du är i rörelse. 

Myloc Go dubbel skärmbild
myloc logistics dator screen

The Logistics Portal

The IT solution that makes it easier to take control over your supply chain and mirrors your business.

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