Olivetree Solutions

Consulting services within supply chain and logistics.

Olivetree Solutions AB – Consulting services

Olivetree Solutions AB develop concepts and solutions within supply chain and logistics. Below you find some examples where our consultants have helped several customers increase their efficiency.


When your WMS is not enough

Olivetree was contacted by a large business that consists of several units (eg machine manufacturing, developing parts and services), with the challenge to …

Effective Cassation

A customer in the pharmaceutical industry was confronted with the problem of disposal. As a US company, they acted according to the rules from the FDA and GXP…

Automated article maintenance

In the fast-changing retail world, the art of being in control of the products core data is a major challenge.
This becomes evident in the resale where you…

A virtual store

Businesses that caters to both consumer and business customers with its products may find retail complex. In many industries, the store’s configuration…

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