Consolidation center

Regardless if you are a professional logistic service provider or a contractor or developer needing a consolidation center Myloc® Construction provides you the tools and methods.


  • With a WMS specifically designed for construction material supply Myloc® Construction simplifies administration and management in a terminal or warehouse, making it easy to service projects with deliveries of materials in an efficient and orderly manner.
  • Contractors are automatically integrated and are provided with full transparency of goods in stock and streamlined ordering.
  • With Myloc® Construction the Logistic & Consolidation Center can be a vital part in providing excellent production conditions and highly efficient supply. Also it will simplify delivery coordination of variety of materials to different contractors.


Let project challenges and needs control how to best benefit from Myloc® Construction

Myloc® Construction offers a comprehensive and easy to use application functionality that ensures efficient execution.

  • WMS system
    – configuration of warehouse
    – Storage of materials
    – Orders from stock
    – Truck assignment & worklist
    – Labelling of materials dedicated to construction projects
  • Return Material from construction projects
  • Graphic work planning
  • Work Control of trucks via PC/ Pad
  • Automatic tracking and billing


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